Racial Healing

Through Racial Healing, we can all forge deep, meaningful relationships, lay the groundwork to transform broken systems, and create a world in which together we are a new force for positive change. It is not the responsibility of one person or even one organization to drive the work. The responsibility belongs to all of us to participate in these honest, powerful, and moving experiences as we pursue this journey together.

Transformation, Healing, Equity Fellowship

T.H.E. Fellowship is a leadership program for organizational teams and will be part of a 6-month cohort of organizations in the same journey.

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  • Racial Healing Circles

    Changing the narrative about race involves unpacking the origins and persistence of dominant narratives. Racial Healing Circles create space to hear and to share counter narratives that were – and are – marginalized and silenced.…

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    Chicago Sun Times: A Call for White People to Take Action to Defeat Racism

    June 7, 2020 White Chicagoans, I want to invite you to a conversation just for you: A racial healing circle for white people. It’s time for you to come together and talk about racism with…

Healing Circles

Racial Healing Circles are sessions led by trained racial healing practitioners. The experience relies on intentional listening and opening your heart space to unearth truths and conscious and unconscious biases.

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Racial Healing Circles for

Solidarity Heals

is a cross sector, community-driven process to plan for and bring about transformational and sustainable change and to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism.

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