About Us

Solidarity Heals

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

Awarded in 2017 as a Kellogg Foundation place-based program, Solidarity Heals began as Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) Chicago, a community organization focused on planning for and bringing about transformational and sustainable change, and to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism.

Solidarity Heal’s Mission

is to create a radically inclusive city by addressing race and racism through narrative change, relationship building, and equitable policies and practices with a vision of a Chicagoland where your health and opportunities are not predetermined by your zip code.

We have hosted thousands of convenings about race, wealth, arts, culture, health, safety, education, and opportunity. We invite communities and individuals to actively, honestly, and openly acknowledge, repair, and heal from our past and present. 

Solidarity Heals’ impact continues to be bolstered by its relationship with The Chicago Community Trust.


Leading Solidarity Heals are two Chicagoans who have dedicated themselves to bring forth Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation within and for our community.

José A. Rico


I work so that people–not just in my community, but across the city–can live a life of dignity.

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Pilar Audain

Associate Director

“I am a mother, a sister…a soldier on the front lines who creates safe spaces for my people to heal.”

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Solidarity Heals

is a cross sector, community-driven process to plan for and bring about transformational and sustainable change and to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism.