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Participate in a Racial Healing Circle

Changing the narrative about race involves unpacking the origins and persistence of dominant narratives. Racial Healing Circles create space to hear and to share counter narratives that were – and are – marginalized and silenced.…


NBC: The Path Forward

February 25, 2021 During this segment of The Path Forward, we talk with some of Chicago’s youth leaders on the front lines of fighting against racism and fighting for racial equity. Panelists from the TRHT Youth…


WGN: Online events open dialogue about racism

Jan 18, 2021 CHICAGO — The reckoning over racial justice following the killing of George Floyd sparked protests and pleas for America to start honestly saying what it was seeing. But racism can be an…


Course: Introduction to Racial Healing Methodologies

June 2021 -> City Colleges of Chicago has partnered with Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Greater Chicago to offer “Introduction to Racial Healing Methodologies” a course designed to engage students in the TRHT Framework and…


Juneteenth Liberation Libation

June 2021 -> On June 19, 2021 TRUTH, RACIAL HEALING & TRANSFORMATION (TRHT) and COMMUNITY RENEWAL SOCIETY (CRS) presented “Juneteenth Liberation Libation: A Call for Racial Healing & Solidarity.” Juneteenth Liberation Libation serves as a…


A new home . . . and a new name

January 2021 -> It is bittersweet to announce that TRHT Chicago has moved to a new home. For the past three years we have been part of the Woods Fund, who provided back office support…


NDORH 2021

January 2021 -> National Day of Racial Healing 2021: To the Beat of One Drum The 5th Annual National Day of Racial Healing (NDORH) on Tuesday, January 19, was a day for Chicagoans to come…

Solidarity Heals

is a cross sector, community-driven process to plan for and bring about transformational and sustainable change and to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism.

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